A Glossary Of Common Mexican Dishes

Whether you're planning a trip to Mexico or you are attending a celebration at a Mexican restaurant, if you have never had the pleasure of dinning on the cuisine of this culture, you are in for a real treat. Filled with eclectic mixes of meats, vegetables, cheeses and spices, Mexican food is quite an epicurean experience.

In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed or ordering something that contains an item that you don't enjoy or are allergic to, here's a description of some common Mexican dishes.

Gordita (pronounced gor-dee-tah)

A gordita is a small cake that is made from maize, or corn. The cake can be stuffed with any number of ingredients, including shredded meat, beans, peppers, lettuce or cabbage.

Chile Relleno (pronounced chill-ay reh-yeh-no)

The foundation of this traditional Mexican dish is a poblano pepper (a mild chili pepper,) which is battered and then fried.  Like most Mexican dishes, a chile relleno is stuffed with a variety of ingredients. The most traditional stuffing is shredded or minced meat; however, modern stuffing ingredients include meat, cheese, nuts and raisins. It is also commonly served in a tomato sauce. 

Ceviche (pronounced suh-vee-chee)

If you enjoy seafood, ceviche is a Mexican dish that you'll love. The main ingredient, ceviche, is raw fish, which is marinated in citrus fruit juice. Due to a chemical reaction known as denaturation, the citric acid in the fruit juice alters the proteins in the fish, thus "cooking" it. Other ingredients in this dish include onions, chilies, avocados and tomatoes.

Tamales (pronounced tah-mah-lays)

A tamale is made of a corn dough known as masa, which is filled with beef, beans, cheese and sometimes vegetables like onions, tomatoes and peppers. Once the tamale is filled, it is rolled up and wrapped in a corn husk before it is cooked.

Tostadas (pronounced tohs-ta-dahs)

For this dish, a tortilla is deep fried and then topped with any number of fillings, which can include beef, chicken, pork or fish as well as lettuce and cheese.

Flan (pronounced how it is spelled)

If you have enough room for dessert, you may want to try flan. This Mexican dessert is made up of eggs, milk, vanilla and gelatin, creating a sweet custard.

Whether you're dining in Mexico or at an authentic Mexican restaurant, being familiar with common dishes of this culture will ensure that you order something you will enjoy. Be prepared for your taste buds to be delighted. Go to this web-site for more information.

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