Love Mexican Food? Are Eating And Drinking Tex Mex Or Authentic Mexican?

There are many restaurants that are considered Mexican but they serve Tex Mex instead of authentic Mexican food. Tex Mex food is a blending of Mexican cuisine and American cuisine. Below are some Tex Mex foods and a drink that you will not find in Mexico, so you will know what you are having when you go out to eat.


Fajitas are very popular in Mexican restaurants but they are Tex Mex. Fajitas came from Mexican ranch workers that lived in West Texas in the late 1930 or 1940s. They are generally made with skirt steak, chicken, or shrimp.

Instead of fajitas, you should try cochinita pibil, which is a pork dish and the pork is marinated in citrus juice. Instead of flour tortillas, you will eat this dish on corn tortillas with sides like habanero chiles, refried beans, and red onion.

Hard Shelled Tacos

Do not ask for a hard shelled taco if you visit Mexico because you will not find one. The hard shell taco was an American invention.

You will find tacos in Mexico, however, but the tortillas are soft and lightly steamed or grilled. You will find a variety of meat in the tacos, including seafood, chicken, pork, and beef. In many cases, avocados, chopped onions, and homemade salsa are placed over the meat. If you ask for cheese, you will not get the shredded Mexican cheese that you can find in any supermarket in the U.S., but instead, you will get a fresh white cheese.


The American burrito you can find in almost all Mexican restaurants is not authentic Mexican food. In place of a burrito, you could order tacos de harina, which are wheat flour tacos. The tortilla used for this dish is much smaller and thinner and generally only have up to three ingredients, such as seafood or meat, with chilies, white cheese, beans, or rice added on top.


Margaritas are served in most Mexican restaurants in the United States. You will not find them, however, in Mexico. It is not known where the margarita actually originated from.

Instead of a margarita, Sangria is a popular drink in Mexico. This is a wine punch that has pieces of fruit in it.

Try to find a truly authentic Mexican restaurant in your area by looking at their menu for the foods above. This will allow you to experience the delicious food for yourself instead of just reading about it. If you're interested in trying more Mexican food, check out places like Lares Restaurant.

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