The Do's And Don'ts Of Baking For Diabetic Children

Sneaking cookie dough is a joyful rite of passage that all children should be able to experience. When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, it may seem like those possibilities go away in a flash. Luckily, that is no longer true. There are several sugar alternatives for kids with diabetes, so they can enjoy baked treats they've always loved without the sugar they need to avoid. Here are some tips for effective baking for diabetic children.

Do Enlist the Help of Kids

Sugar-free treats aren't just for diabetic kids. When you're baking for a diabetic child, involve all your kids in the fun. They can eat sugar-free cookies and other treats, too. It will probably be better for them than the sugary ones anyway. There's also no need to freak out when a diabetic kid grabs some cookie dough, either. Yes, things do need to be eaten in moderation, but some sugar-free sweet treats are just fine to enjoy, even before they're baked.

Don't Simply Replace Sugar

One of the most common mistakes that people who are new to sugar-free baking make is to replace a cup of sugar with a cup of a sugar substitute. That will spell disaster for your baking. The problem is that sugar alternatives are much sweeter than sugar itself, so you don't need as much of it. Try to go for recipes that have been created specifically for sugar substitutes, or take your time to experiment with a recipe until you find the right amount of low calorie sugar for your baked goods.

Do Try to Focus on Healthy Choices

Baking is a time to indulge, but you should still talk about healthy choices when baking with diabetic children. Be sure to focus on the fact that sweet treats are to be enjoyed in moderation alongside healthier foods. Try baking after a healthy dinner to emphasize the point. Diabetic kids have to be more aware of healthy eating choices than others, so it's good to set a good example in that way.

Do Experiment with Multiple Kinds of Flours

In addition to replacing the sugar in baked goods, you should also experiment with trying other kinds of flour when baking with diabetic children. White, all-purpose flour can wreak havoc on blood glucose levels, so it's best to try other types. Nut flours and whole wheat flours are smart choices. So are lesser-known bean flours.

Finally, always check with your child's doctor before introducing any new type of sugar alternative into their diet. Also keep in mind that there are many options for children who are newly diagnosed with diabetes. They needn't miss out on a thing. Consider buying sugar alternatives like probiotics sugar, from a company like Sugar 2.0, and your child can enjoy all the sweet treats they adore in a healthy way. That's a win-win situation.

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