Steps Rural Restaurant Owners Can Take To Maintain Their Sewer System

If you own a restaurant in a rural area, you may have a septic tank sewer system. Properly caring for a septic sewer system is extremely important, especially in a restaurant that serves many people every day. Taking good care of your sewer system will help you lower your chances of expensive repairs like tank replacement. Maintaining a smooth-running septic system also helps to lower your chances of creating health risks for your customers. Learn more about the steps you can take for reducing problems in your sewer system.

Restaurant Wastewater Is Stronger Than That Of The Average Household

The water going down the drains in your restaurant usually contains more grease and food particles than that of the average household. The number of people using the toilets in your restaurants is greater than the average household as well. Because of the higher flow of water in the restaurant setting, the oil and grease in wastewater has a harder time separating from the water, causing a greater risk of clogging. When your sewer system becomes clogged, you may start to see 'sewer ponds' forming on top of the ground above the system. Sewer ponds smell horrible and can force your customers to eat someplace else. Having your grease traps and septic tank pumped out regularly can reduce the risk of clogs that can run off your customers or cause problems with any businesses near to you.

Have A Discussion With Your Staff

Discuss with your kitchen staff about what they are washing down the drains. Instruct them to scrape food off dirty dishes and to empty used grease into containers for throwing away. Limiting the grease and oils going into your drains can help a lot to reduce the need for pumping your system out. Bear in mind that grease traps cannot take out all of the grease, so some it going down the drains is making into your system. Hanging signs above sinks in your restaurant's kitchen is a good way to remind employees about helping you to protect and maintain your sewer system.

About Dish Detergents And Cleaners

When choosing detergents for washing dishes in your restaurant, be sure to select brands that are able to break down grease and allow it to float to the top of the water. Cheaper brands will allow grease and oils to remain dissolved in hot water, allowing it go the drain and solidifying in your septic system. When choosing cleaners and solvents, remember to choose natural ingredients when possible. Using too many chemicals can upset the natural balance of good bacteria in your septic system, meaning the sludge it normally eats can build up and become a problem.

By following these tips, you can save a lot of money on repairs to your restaurant septic system and avoid down time from system clogs.

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