Love Coffee? Tips For Setting Up Your Own Coffee Bar At Home

If you love to drink coffee and often drink coffee while you are out of your house running errands, you should consider setting up a coffee bar at home. This will save you a lot of time, and you will not have to go out when it is really cold outside. Below are some tips to help you get everything set up.

Variety of Coffee

You can serve regular coffee but you should also add a variety of different recipes for coffee so people have many to choose from. You can find many recipes online such as iced coffee, caramel coffee, iced vanilla caramel coffee, and many more. This will be great if you have friends or family over to drink coffee with you. You should also add decaf coffee and hot tea to the menu. If you have kids or your friends bring their friends, you should have hot chocolate for them or hot apple cider.


You do not have to go out and buy brand new furniture for your coffee bar. You only need to have a piece of furniture that has a solid top to set your coffee maker, espresso machine, etc., on. It should also have a few drawers or shelves for storage. If you have old furniture in your home, you can repurpose it for this. You can stain, paint, or refinish the furniture. Add some color by painting the furniture in bright colors if you prefer. If you do not have any old furniture at home, go to flea markets, yard sales, etc. to find what you need.

Set the coffee maker or espresso machine in the corner of the table, and then put some colorful coffee mugs next to the machine.


Add a chalkboard wall or chalkboard sign to give your coffee bar a café like feel. You can write the type of coffee you have and notes to your guests encouraging them to drink your coffee.  If you do not have the room for a large chalkboard, you can purchase mini chalkboards instead. Fill up cute baskets for the coffee sticks, sugar, and individual creamers. Hang cute coffee mugs on hooks to help you save space. Make sure you have enough napkins on the table just in case someone spills their coffee.

Once you get your coffee bar all set up, call your friends and family to come to your home and try everything out.

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