Best Unexpected Drinks To Pair With Your Steak

Everyone has heard that the best drink to pair with steak is a glass of heavy red wine. And the two certainly do make a good combination. However, that doesn't mean that you should overlook all of the other possible great drinks out there that can be paired with your steak. The next time you're at your favorite steakhouse, try something different by ordering one of these drinks with your favorite steak.


If you want a cold drink to go along with your hot steak you can't ask for a better compliment than a frosty mug or bottle of beer. A red ale is delicious with a grilled steak because the beer's roasted flavor heightens the taste of the meat. If you like your steak rare, order a stout to go with it. The smooth stout is the perfect complement to the texture of the rare meat.

One more good beer and steak combo is easy to remember: when you order a porterhouse steak, order a porter to go with it. The porter has a strong and full flavor that won't be diminished by the strong flavor of the steak.


Maybe you're in the mood for something a little stronger than beer. Pair whiskey with a bacon-wrapped filet. The liquor is bold enough to compete with the flavor of the steak, and the caramelized elements of the whiskey will nicely complement the savory flavor of the bacon.

If you like carne asada, choose tequila to go with it. The tequila has a smoky flavor that meshes nicely with the chargrilled steak, and while a glass of wine might be overpowered by the spiciness of the steak, this powerful liquor is up to the challenge.


If you do want wine, you can still mix things up by venturing away from the heavy reds. A smoky or nutty Chardonnay can work well with a spiced skirt steak, and Champagne can help cut through the fatty flavor of a ribeye.

Fruity rose wines are a terrific complement to a barbecue style steak. The crispness of the wine will cut through the heavy sauce flavors and refresh your palate. If you're looking for something truly unexpected, consider ordering sangria with your steak. Sangria can be made with either red or white wine (order sangria-blanco if you prefer white.) This works well with a chargrilled steak and grilled vegetables. The sweet sangria is a perfect complement to the smoky meat and vegetables.

Eating should be enjoyable and unexpected, and that can't happen if you're bored with the same old pairings. Choosing a new and different drink with your favorite cut of steak can make the dish seem new and exciting again.

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