4 Ways to Enjoy Coffee When You Think You Don't Like Coffee

If you've tried coffee and don't enjoy it, you might have just not had it prepared the right way. When people dislike coffee, they tend to object to the bitterness of black coffee or the burnt taste of poorly brewed coffee. Coffee is a great source of caffeine that even carries health benefits. According to Healthline, coffee can even improve brain function and memory. It can also taste great when brewed to your own specific preferences. Here are four delicious ways to try your coffee.

1. Affogato 

Affogato is a sweet treat invented in Italy. To make this drink, you'll need to put a big scoop of vanilla ice cream into a mug. Next, brew a cup of coffee in your Keurig machine. Make sure to use the smallest setting for a concentrated coffee that will balance out the sweetness of the ice cream. Brew the coffee directly over the ice cream and drink it immediately. Affogato is a great after-dinner drink.

2. Flavored k-cups

If you don't like the taste of black coffee, you should try flavored k-cups. They come in many different varieties to suit any preference. You can try vanilla-flavored coffee for a mild morning pick-me-up. If you prefer something festive for the holidays, you can try gingerbread-flavored coffee. Since k-cups are single servings, you can try different flavors throughout the day without letting a whole pot of coffee go to waste. Click for more info.

3. Coffee milkshake

This is a sweeter version of the classic iced coffee. To make a coffee milkshake, you should brew an 8 ounce cup of coffee ahead of time. Let it chill in the refrigerator until it's cold. When you're ready to make your milkshake, combine two scoops of ice cream with the cold coffee and add a splash of milk. Add ice if you like your milkshake extra frosty and top with whipped cream and a cherry.

4. Latte

Lattes are traditionally made with espresso and steamed milk, but you can make a substitute at home. Brew 4 ounces of coffee using your Keurig machine and heat 8 ounces of milk on the stove. Use a handheld milk frother to create foam in the milk, then pour it over your freshly brewed coffee. The warm milk will help to mellow out the flavor of your coffee so it's not bitter. Add sugar if desired.

If you've only ever tried black coffee, it's worth exploring other options. These four coffee drinks are delicious, sweet, and flavorful. They're a great way to learn to enjoy coffee.

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